Hyundai Genesis Coupe With Supercharged LS1 Built By Enjuku Racing For SEMA 2011

Hyundai Genesis Coupe With Supercharged LS1 Built By Enjuku Racing For SEMA 2011

Enjuku Racing, best known for campaigning several Nissan S13 chassis through Formula Drift and capturing the NOPI Drift championship one year, is turning towards a whole new chassis for SEMA this year. Starting with your run-of-the-mill Hyundai Genesis Coupe, the crazy minds at Enjuku Racing have decided that a supercharged LS1 powerplant would look much better in the engine bay.

The completed project will be unveiled in the BC Racing Suspension and Wheels booth at this year’s SEMA show and will feature BC Racing’s BR-Type coilovers and an aggressive set of 19×10-inch front, 19×11-inch rear BC Racing TA02 wheels. Enjuku also mentioned to us that they’ll be working their hardest to not have to cut away any of the car’s chassis or frame while doing the swap, giving them the ability to swap back in the factory motor if they wanted to. Helping to make sure that happens easily are the masterminds at Chase Bays, designing a wiring harness that’ll make everything seamless and adaptable. Enjuku Racing will also be custom fabricating their own headers and exhaust system for the swap.

Though this probably won’t turn into another Hyundai Genesis drift car joining Formula Drift alongside Rhys Millen, it’s nice to see more tuners out there looking for new ways to make the Genesis Coupe more popular amongst enthusiasts.

GALLERY: Enjuku Racing Supercharged LS1-Powered Hyundai Genesis Coupe

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  • Sothea Dos

    Sacrilegious in Automotive Modification! Lets keep Domestic engines in DOMESTIC vehicles. Yes it is unique, Yes it is different. However, if you are a true fan and have pride in your vehicle’s BRAND why would you use the engine from a different BRAND? You don’t see a Camaro or Corvette with a 2JZ-GTE in it, because the owners have PRIDE AND LOVE for what they drive. There was a RB26 in a Mustang for a movie: I HAVE NOT MET ONE IMPORT OR DOMESTIC FAN WHO LIKED IT….and I know a lot of people. Just check out my 500 friends on Facebook lol.

  • amped

    It must suck to be you. Only 500 friends? Do you think thats something to be proud off? I have 1250 on mine. FYI There is a Camaro with a 2JZ-GTE in it. Try using google first before you open your mouth. 😉

  • Sothea Dos

    Dear amped, Idiots flame and have a problem with other people’s freedom of speech and opinions. If you noticed I used a “LOL” meaning its all in good humor. But arguing on the internet is like competing in the Special Olympics. Even if you win you’re still retarded… meet me in person and tell me not to open my mouth.

  • Sebastian

    You’re an idiot SD. I run a stroked 3.4L 2j in a 68 dynacorn camaro body. I also use daily a 01 15 silvia with a Mast 427 LS. I drive daily a new 300c tagless still. And an m56s. I have a new m3 and a built gtr and zr1. Who cares? I take pride in knowing I am retired navy seal, father of 2. And currently serve in an srt team. I build my own vehicles like I forge my own bladed weapons or build my own fire arms. I have no problem telling some moron that they should watch there mouth. Ill be at Sema tough guy, guard duty for models. I take big talkers like you and worst to jail on a daily basis.

  • Essa

    I came here through and I can tell what you did is a very hard job and you need to be thanked
    also guys no need to start a fight we have the same interest and building a car from scratch is a big thing to handle not easy for the money or for the time and this dude did a great thing installing a V8 in a genesis coupe and he need little appreciating of what he got through , Thanks brother for making my dream come true I always wanted to see a V8 genesis coupe , I wish if I was in the US to help you with your project and share the experience but Im stuck in my college and saving for my genesis coupe project.
    Best regards from Dubai,,,,Essa Alsuwaidi