Imperium Bentley Continental GT is a Bespoke Beauty

Imperium Bentley Continental GT is a Bespoke Beauty

Specialty tuner Imperium prides itself on creating one-off bespoke custom vehicles for high-end clients, working closely with the vehicle’s owner to make their wildest dreams come true. Most recently Imperium decided to reveal a customer’s Bentley Continental GT in order to show off to the world what the possibilities are when you bring your vehicle to them. The end result is a completely custom Continental GT, featuring plenty of one-off parts including its body kit and wheels.

Imperium’s designers began by sketching concept art design for the client, working back and forth until this well-known UK entrepreneur was satisfied with how the end result would look. The unique one-off body kit consists of front and rear apron upgrades, carbon-exposed side skirts, a subtle trunk spoiler and a rear carbon diffuser. All of the body components were manufactured in the UK using lightweight carbon fiber and has a flawless fit and finish.

Similar to the kit, the wheels are one-off and designed specifically to cater to the wants of the client, sporting an aggressive mesh design that truly gives the Continental GT a sporty look. Imperium also increased the performance of the Continental GT by equipping it with its own sport exhaust system (you guessed it, custom built to the client’s preference) and ECU upgrade. No power numbers were mentioned however. And of course, suspension and brake modifications were also done to the Continental GT to complete the look.

As with any bespoke vehicle, the interior has been upgraded on the Continental GT to the client’s choosing, but no details were mentioned. Imperium did state that they’re willing to work with all forms of luxurious leathers, ultra-suede fabric, carbon fiber, wood trim and more to give the customer what they want. More importantly though, each interior package comes with an individually-built steering wheel. Pricing? Don’t bother asking, it wasn’t mentioned. But we’re sure there’s a serious price to pay for having something that’s uniquely yours.

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  • Proveittome

    Funny how Imperium claims they built this one off Bentley. But no one in world has actually seen it. All we have is this concept.