Infiniti JX Video: First Look at Infiniti’s 3-Row Luxury Crossover

Infiniti JX Video: First Look at Infiniti’s 3-Row Luxury Crossover

With a focus on functionality, innovation and safety, Infiniti has revealed its new JX crossover in Monterey as part of the week-long Pebble Beach festivities. Targeted at well-heeled families, the JX is just a concept for now, although Infiniti is promising this vehicle is nearly identical to the production version that will be revealed at the LA Auto Show in November.

Notable highlights include a 7-seater, three-row arrangement, with second row seats that can move forward and back by as much as 5.5-inches. In addition, the second row splits and folds, allowing for a child seat in the second row, while retaining access to the third row. On the safety side, the JX gets a Backup Collision Intervention system that not only detects if you are about to reverse into something, but will actually apply the brakes in order to stop the vehicle.

Power will come from a V6 engine (presumably the brand’s 3.7-liter unit), while the JX will be offered as either front- or all-wheel drive. Of note, the JX will not get Infiniti’s 7-speed automatic transmission, but rather a newly developed CVT unit.

GALLERY: Infiniti JX Concept

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Watch video of the Pebble Beach unveiling after the jump:

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  • Carlo

    I like the car… Side note: The guy on the video somehow eats his words, literally. Not a very good narrator.