Infographic: What Cities Pay The Most For Gas?

Infographic: What Cities Pay The Most For Gas?


A new study released by Mint went on a fact finding mission to find out who is pay more to fill up their cars.

Prices vary from city to city, so gas prices may not be affect all of us equally. This new study reveals that residents of some cities pay more than twice as much for gas a month compared to drivers in other towns and cities across the states. Data was complied from data reported by visitors to

If you’re living and driving in San Jose, CA, you’re spending the most in fuel (about $216 per month). New York City residents, on the other hand, spend the least ($102 a month).  Of course, the graph doesn’t take into account how much New Yorkers spend on subway fares and taxis, which if added to the monthly fuel bill, would see it rise to a certain extent.

You can see where your city falls in the infographic after the jump.

[Source: Autoblog Green]