Jaguar XJ Gets Decapitated By Newport Convertible Engineering

Jaguar XJ Gets Decapitated By Newport Convertible Engineering
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Newport Convertible Engineering, famous decapitators of everything from the Subaru Impreza to the GMC Yukon to the Toyota Prius, have no shame and no hesitation in taking their Sawzall to a bevy of four-doored vehicles. In case its customers pine for JFK’s convertible, NCE has offered them the chance to enjoy wind-in-hair motoring, once again—behind the wheel of a Jaguar XJ.

Just in time for the Iowa State Fair, or a bevy of presidential candidates, the Jaguar XJ décapotable is based on a long-wheelbase model, with a gawky-fitting, power-folding soft top and a leather-wrapped roll hoop, in case butter sculptor Sarah Pratt loses her hat. NCE says it was their most difficult car to work on yet, but even the most potent of engineering finesse couldn’t eliminate the XJ’s previously-undisturbed lines and bulky top shelf. But hey, at least they got rid of those controversial C-pillars!

Orders are currently being accepted for the XJ convertible, which will start at $130,000, including the cost of the car. Hurry, operators are standing by!

[Source: Autoblog]