Kia Nails It With Picanto Nail Art Animation

Kia Nails It With Picanto Nail Art Animation

Ladies, the next time you go in for a mani, forget the rhinestone flowers or French tips. Instead, opt for Kia nail art.

Ok, so this design probably isn’t available at your favorite spa. But the creative peeps at Kia have some interesting ideas on how to promote the 2012 Picanto small car. With a lot of patience, a month of their time, a ridiculous amount of nail polish (1,200 bottles) and a slew of press-on nails (900 of them), the advertising team got to work on painting the Picanto on all those nails – no Photoshop included!

We may not be rushing out to make this fashion statement on our hands, but it certainly is an inventive way to get you products message across. Watch the video after the jump to witness the process.

[Source: Autoblog]


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