Lexus GS350 Coupe Under Consideration

Lexus GS350 Coupe Under Consideration

Looking to grow sales and continue to take the fight to the Germans, Lexus is reportedly considering a two-door version of the new 2013 GS350. Based on the same platform the car would use the same rear-drive setup and be powered by the automaker’s 306-hp 3.5-liter V6 engine.

Currently Lexus has no hard-top offerings apart from the LFA supercar, while Mercedes offers the E-Class Coupe, Audi the A5/S5 and BMW just introduced a new 6 Series.

“I’d like to do a coupe,” Lexus product planner Ben J. Mitchel told Inside Line, commenting that this would be the perfect vehicle to help, “…increase the emotional qualities of our brand.” Coming just short of confirming the new model, Mitchel did say that Lexus wants to have a “full model line and a global reach.”

If the GS Coupe does get the go ahead, look for a F-sport model to follow, with possible hybrid and convertible versions after that. The Lexus GS350 Coupe could arrive as early as 2013.

GALLERY: 2013 Lexus GS350

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[Source: InsideLine]