Mobiado Releases Aston Martin Grand 350 Cell Phone

Mobiado Releases Aston Martin Grand 350 Cell Phone

Anyone can carry around an iPhone or a Blackberry, but if you want to stand out from the mobile crowd, you’ll want to pick yourself up the new Mobiado Aston Martin Grand 350 cell phone.

Luxury accessories company Mobiado has just launched the Grand 350 Aston Martin mobile phone, and it embodies the auto brand’s designs and technology. The handheld device is made for the elite cell phone user – it features 271 carat of sapphire crystal inlays, CNC machine crafted aluminum frame with ruby infrared screen, stainless steel buttons, and a sliding battery cover mechanism (also made with sapphire crystal).

The Aston Martin Grand 350 can be used across the globe, as its embedded software and the keypad come in optional multi-lingual settings. This luxury phone comes with all the bells and whistles: a 3.2 megapixel camera, quad-band network adjustment, 3.5 G, HSPDA & WLAN internet surfing, email (with dedicated key), expandable memory, micro USB connectivity, and a device lock. It comes in black, black satin and silver versions (the satin version features a glass-beat treated body finish).

There’s no word on a price, but you can expect it to be a little on the expensive side. To find a dealer near you, check out Mobiado’s website.

[Source: Born Rich]

  • vhuthu nemaukhwe

    The new phone is dope, n as usual Austin Martin will never dissapoint. I’m loving ths gadget.