Modified Monte Carlo Used As Bait For Murder

Modified Monte Carlo Used As Bait For Murder

Cimarron Bell is facing the death penalty after using a modded Chevrolet Monte Carlo as the bait in four killings, as part of an elaborate check-cashing scheme that saw him robbing three strangers and shooting his girlfriend.

Bell listed the Monte Carlo for $8,000 to lure prospective buyers. When three men became interested, Bell told them he felt more comfortable completing the transaction at his own house—where he had wrapped the garage in plastic sheets. When the three men arrived, Bell and another suspect killed them, wrapped them in plastic, and placed the bodies in the three men’s Mercedes. The car was later found in a strip mall in Los Angeles, with $1,500 in the glove box that Bell hadn’t noticed.

A few weeks prior, Bell had shot and killed his girlfriend when another greed-driven scheme had gone wrong. The four murders had gone unsolved until another girlfriend of Bell’s was arrested for credit card fraud, and she told investigators that Bell had confided in her the murders.

Bell is now sentenced to death. The Monte Carlo was exonerated of all charges.

[Source: SGV Tribune, KTTV Fox 11]