Nissan Announces New Zero-Emissions Vehicle: It’s a Catamaran

Nissan Announces New Zero-Emissions Vehicle: It’s a Catamaran

Nissan’s has built a Catamaran to compete in the 2011 Class A Catamaran World Championship from August 13- 20 in Skødstrup, Denmark.

Matt Struble, led the design and modeling team at Nissan Design America (NDA) and will be racing the boat. The Class A Catamaran is controlled by a single sailor and is the smallest size of all Catamaran race boats. The boat was designed and built entirely by Nissan, and as Struble said, it truly is a clean, smooth, competitive and efficient boat.

“We weren’t trying to create something that already exists, but something groundbreaking,” Struble said. “This has truly been a great experience and great project for us. This one in particular was quite unique because you have to create it in your mind, but also physically manufacture it and follow through. It was great for our team to see the project from start to finish.”


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