Porsche Baby Stroller: Perfect for Posh Parents

Porsche Baby Stroller: Perfect for Posh Parents

When it comes to introducing your kids to your love of all things Porsche, you might as well start them young. And now, you can push your little ones to play dates in the Porsche baby stroller.

Designed by Dawid Dawod, the Porsche baby stroller (otherwise known as the Porsche Design P’4911) is the newest must-have mode of transportation for affluent droolers and shakers. Made from carbon fiber and aluminum, and sporting leather and futuristic-looking ball-bearing wheels, this stroller is a luxe ride for Porsche lovers who can’t walk. Parents can take it everywhere with them, as it’s foldable and can be fit into any compact Porsche – which means you don’t have to trade in your Porsche 911 for a minivan.  And the Porsche baby stroller isn’t just about looks – it also boasts a host of safety features, such as a front safety belt, to keep little ones buckled up.

  • Alina Farago

    I see the stroller was in a SUV trunk. Why not show it in a 924
    Also is the stoller really does fit into a 924, what car seat would I use in a 924 or 911

  • This is damn good.

  • This is DOPE! Inspired