Production Volkswagen Up! Shown Before Frankfurt Debut

Production Volkswagen Up! Shown Before Frankfurt Debut

Set to launch in December in the European market, Volkswagen‘s up! looks to be the next great small car in the segment, especially since it’s the first with City Emergency Braking. The up! features a 1.0L three-cylinder gasoline engine with BlueMotion Technology and a Stop/Start system, allowing the powerplants to get 56-mpg from its 59-hp variant and 55-mpg from its 74-hp version. There is also a natural gas engine version with 67-hp and gets a combined fuel consumption of 73-mpg. Volkswagen also announced that they’re considering an electric up! for 2013.

The City Emergency Braking feature uses a laser sensor to detect the risk of an imminent collision and initiating automatic brake interventions. The up! is the only vehicle in the segment to offer this technology, which becomes active automatically anytime the vehicle is going slower than 18-mph.

Much like other vehicles in the class, the up! has ample interior and cargo room despite looking so small from the outside. The unique design is further played on with the option of up! boxes such as the “kid box”, “city box” or “travel box” – each have their own functionality. The “kid box” for example was designed for parents and children and includes a bag for the small items essential to small children and a lunch box for snacks.

For the first time in a VW, the up! will also feature a maps + more system, essentially a mobile Portable Information Device. It works with the Navigation in order to provide navigation to up! drivers and simple puts all of the infotainment into one central location.

Three trim levels will be made available to the European market this December with the basic Take Up!, the mid-level Move Up! and the top-spec High Up!. These three are joined by the Up! Black and Up! White launch models. No pricing was announced for any of the up! models.

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    Size of a Mini? Will there be an R version with like 200HP, wide tires, etc?