Roush Performance Releases 2012 Ford Mustang Stage 2 Package

Roush Performance Releases 2012 Ford Mustang Stage 2 Package

For those satisfied with the performance from Ford‘s Mustang but looking for something more stylish, Roush Performance’s 2012 Ford Mustang Stage 2 is made for you. Leaving the engine untouched, Roush Performance’s Stage 2 Mustang features both their styling and suspension packages, with a huge collection of optional upgrades to make your Mustang hug those corners tighter while also looking better.

The core package is priced at $7,800 and comes complete with Roush’s front bumper, front chin splitter, billet upper grille, side rocker splitters, rear valence and decklid spoiler. Minor accessories for the exterior include square R badges, a front fascia blackout graphic, Roush front windshield decal, R faux gas cap badge and a Stage 2 trunk badge. On the inside, Roush will equip your Mustang with embroidered floor mats, a center console badge/button and their Stage 2 interior medallion.

While the engine performance is untouched, Roush will also give you a Stage 2 engine bay plaque to show off your dedication to high-quality performance products. Their suspension system revamps the Mustang’s handling while a set of 18-inch chrome wheels with Cooper rubber gives you plenty of grip on the road.

Optional accessories range from white face gauges to their performance exhaust and 20-inch wheels. All are individually priced and can be had individually.

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