Russian Man Builds Mercedes SLR McLaren Replica From Steel

Russian Man Builds Mercedes SLR McLaren Replica From Steel

It’s not as bad a replica as the Chinese Lamborghini Reventon clone, but that doesn’t say much. This time around, a Russian enthusiast fabricated his own Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren replica, completely out of steel, and presumably in his own workshop. The original source states that the replica was built and assembled by its owner manually and without the use of high-tech instruments. We’re not really sure what their definition of a high-tech instrument is, but we’re guessing a welder isn’t on that list.

While we won’t sit around and talk about the craftsmanship and actual fabrication work that went into this replica, we are pretty impressed by how well it resembles a genuine SLR McLaren. The owner has also named it Valentina, after his wife. Hopefully she’s flattered. But maybe she’s filing divorce papers now.

GALLERY: Steel Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Replica

full_steel_mercedes_slr_mclaren_clone_1.jpg full_steel_mercedes_slr_mclaren_clone_2.jpg full_steel_mercedes_slr_mclaren_clone_3.jpg full_steel_mercedes_slr_mclaren_clone_4.jpg full_steel_mercedes_slr_mclaren_clone_5.jpg full_steel_mercedes_slr_mclaren_clone_8.jpg

[Source: GTSpirit]

  • Alan

    Must be heavy on fuel! 🙂 but seriously, one of the Mercedes dealerships should purchase this car as a work-of-art sculpture, for that’s what it is…