Steve McQueen’s 1970 Porsche 911S Nets $1.25 Million At Auction

Steve McQueen’s 1970 Porsche 911S Nets $1.25 Million At Auction

It’s quite surprising how the perceived value of an object skyrockets strictly based on its previous owner. This classic 1970 Porsche 911S with 112,000 miles on the odometer sold on Friday night in Monterey for $1.2 million thanks to the fact that it used to belong to Steve McQueen and was used in the opening scenes of LeMans. It is also the 200th vehicle RM has auctioned off for over $1 million.

Bidding for the classic Porsche started at $200,000 and made it to $1 million almost instantly before it started to become a battle between the subsequent buyer and a determined overseas bidder. The only thing we know about the winning bidder is that they are from the United States so hopefully the Porsche remains a classic display vehicle somewhere here in someone’s collection and makes a return to Monterey one year to show off to the world.

GALLERY: Steve McQueen’s 1970 Porsche 911S

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[Source: Autoblog]