Subaru BRZ to Hit Dealers Next Spring

Subaru BRZ to Hit Dealers Next Spring

It’s been a long time coming but fans of the Toyobaru sports car soon won’t have to wait much longer. Expected to officially debut at the Tokyo Auto Show in both its Toyota and Subaru forms, Subaru recently announced that its version will be called the BRZ.

When it is unveiled, interested buyers won’t have to wait long to get behind the wheel with Subaru announcing the car will go on sale in the Spring of next year.

But before any of this, Subaru will give yet another glimpse at what it’s preparing to offer by unveiling what it’s calling the “Subaru BRZ Prologue – Boxer Sports Car Architecture II” at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September.

GALLERY: Subaru Boxer Sports Car Architecture

Subaru Sports Car Boxer Architecture 08.JPGSubaru Sports Car Boxer Architecture 04.JPGSubaru Sports Car Boxer Architecture 11.JPGSubaru Sports Car Boxer Architecture 10.JPGSubaru Sports Car Boxer Architecture 02.JPG

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