The Future of Lincoln Detailed: What Ford Has in Store

The Future of Lincoln Detailed: What Ford Has in Store

We’ve heard about money being invested. We’ve heard about the division getting its own stand alone design operation, but will Ford stick to its guns and view Lincoln as a long-term investment?

Given the short-tenure focus of most US corporations these days, it’s difficult to say at this point, but as one of the oldest nameplates in the business, Ford’s luxury brand definitely deserves a chance.

By installing a core group of executives to run Lincoln, many with international experience and declaring that it’s willing to spend real money on the tooling needed to provide the brand’s vehicles with signature styling outside and in, Ford appears to be moving in the right direction.

Other ideas on the table include eliminating gear levers in all Lincoln vehicles in favor of push buttons, as well as cutting the number of dealers nationwide, down to around 325, which rivals the number of Mercedes-Benz stores in the US.

Additionally, Ford is talking about courting new customers with Lincoln, a sub-set of younger, more affluent buyers than its traditional client base; the result could be a proliferation in product offerings, possibly GT cars and even convertibles.

This so-called sub-set of buyers represents around 25 percent of the luxury market in the US and, currently, the fastest growing in the segment. As a result, the opportunity is there for Lincoln to achieve great things, provided Ford sticks to its plan of creating a ‘proper’ luxury brand.

Look for the first idea of what the “new Lincoln” is all about with the debut of the 2013 MKZ at the Detroit Auto Show in January. One hint that’s slipped out is the MyLincoln Select Drive system, that allows for adjustable suspension, steering and throttle settings.

[Source: Autoblog]

  • Kevin

    The LS was a fantastic car by the time they cut the DEW98 chassis. All they needed was a motor, and you had a car that would compete in the higher end markets. I’m keeping my 06 LS for as long as I can, love the car.

    I WILL NOT buy a front wheel drive re-branded volvo or equally crappy all wheel drive design with less HP and spunk than a yugo.

    Get a set of balls and build a car that stands out. No one ever became the best by being like everyone else. Otherwise, bow out now, and I’ll make sure I have parts for at least one more maintenance cycle for my LS, and my next car will be German speaking. Not going to waste one more second on it.

  • NickD

    In the fall of 2014 I will be buying a nice luxury car, it will be an American brand built here in the USA. My last brand new car before I retire.
    I sort of like where Ford has been going with its designs, the new Taraus and Fusion are very good looking. (so are GM’s Buicks) But I don’t want to buy a Taraus dressed up with a Lincoln grill and a few knick knacks. Just as Cadillac is not using gussied up Buicks Lincoln needs to have their own direction. The S is a nice car but its too much of a Taraus in 2014. It needs more girth room in the front seat and a longer hood and wheel base with more power. Or leave that for the old Town Car fans and bring back the Mark series. Its time for a nine. I had an VIII and wish I’d never let it go.
    If Lincoln makes a Continental with no Ford twin, suicide doors, long wheel base, as much power as the Chrysler C and dare I say hard top convertable or t-top well I’d probably be the salespersons sweetest dream.