The Next Big Thing for Advertising – Rental Cars

The Next Big Thing for Advertising – Rental Cars

The next big thing for advertising might be mobile billboards in the form of vinyl wraps for rental cars. It’s already happening in Atlanta. The folks at Budget Rent A Car of Atlanta are working with Wrap Media Group, a company that specializes in promotional vinyl car wraps cars.

The result is drivable billboard that you rent to drive around in. The upside is a discount on this rentals – one renter said she got a $400 multiday rental for $88 – not too shabby.

“Our mission is to always provide the best value for our customers and this is another example of that,” said Heather Etzler, vice president of Budget Rent a Car of Atlanta. “We expect a very positive reaction from our customers given that the vehicles are wrapped in good taste.”

We don’t know what companies have decided to use this new form of advertising. Right now, the only one that’s been used is a maker of energy supplements.

[Source: USA Today]