Toyota FT-86 II Concept Finally Debuts In Japan

Toyota FT-86 II Concept Finally Debuts In Japan

At a day dedicated to honoring the infamous Hachiroku in Japan, old generation AE86s stood by as Toyota‘s FT-86 II Concept finally made its Japanese debut at the Fuji 86 Style event. The Drift King, Keiichi Tsuchiya, was on hand to give his take on Toyota’s second FT-86 concept car as well as sharing his past experiences racing his AE86. But clearly the FT-86 II Concept was the star of the day, with Fuji Speedway Square Plaza completely filled with enthusiasts waiting to finally see the car in person many months after it first debuted at the Geneva Auto Show.

While Toyota has officially released few details, what they have said is that the car will be powered by a Subaru boxer engine, paired with a Toyota direct-injection system and either a six-speed manual or automatic transmission. A limited slip differential will be standard. (For a more extensive list of what will be included in the production model, see here).

Set to debut at the Toyota Auto Show in December, it will be rebadged as the Scion FR-S for North America where it will bow at the New York Auto Show the following April.

GALLERY: Toyota FT-86 II Concept In Japan

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  • Uncle B

    Toyota! Where is my Yaris hybrid, turbo-diesel? pluggable too! Canada needs these! Poor, under-employed, foreclosed, lost souls in U.S. soon to need these too! Looking forward to building RAV-4 EV’s here in Ontario,Canada for world markets. We promise clean air, clean water, free medical care for much healthier employees, huge areas for cheaper housing for all,world famous peace-loving people with huge respect for employers. some of the best labor laws in the world, and a very stable currency backed by honest bankers, honest government. We need good trucks too! Tundras! way to go! Mexican made GM trucks failing, poorly built now.

  • DoingFineInUSA

    @Uncle B- If we shut trade down with Canada, your country would be nothing more than a frozen wasteland. The film industry in Vancouver/Montreal/Toronto would cease to exist. I am 26, Fiance is 23, together we make well over 6 figures. I am a petroleum engineer and she is a R.N. BSN. BTW, we live in Michigan about 1 hour from Ontario border. My fiance works with more than a handful of Canadian nurses who will all testify that the American health care system is better than the …. Cant Pick Your Own Doctor, Die Waiting for Government Sponsored Surgery Canuck Maple Syrup HMO.

    Been to every major city that YOUR country has to offer…. Montreal was DECENT…. but… in general…. not impressed, not in the least bit.


    probably doing better than Uncle B


  • Panzer

    What kind of moron uses the FT-86 II concept unveiling to talk about “green” or hybrid cars? Can we please get someone with a clue in here to tell us more about the concept, how much different this will be from the production model, what the estimated price will be and what the specs will be on the engine?

  • Renegade

    I would like to think our America friends (which I have lots of) don’t take the same approuch as you.

  • scooby


    “I am 26, Fiance is 23, together we make well over 6 figures.”
    Ur message is making american look bad… just keept it to yourself marlboro cowboy.

  • Ryan H

    I’m getting pretty excited for this car.. Here’s a video Toyota just released for the FT-86 at the Frankfurt auto show.. Can’t wait!!

  • Celicarunenr


    This is why america appears so ignorant to the rest of the world. I am sometimes embarrassed for my country. Before going on a rant how about you look at facts and statistics rather than appearing to be low level white trash.

    In other news, the car looks great, Do we know if it is going to stay a toyota in Japan? Id love to import.

  • Patrick

    What a wasted opportunity. Toyota used to make some excellent cars. The MR2, Supra and Soarer come to mind. The FT-86 is just a very pale wasted out pseudo-sports car. 200hp and 4 cylinders does not even come close to what is required.

    Here is a simple recipe: Rear wheel drive, Limited slip diff, 6 cylinders, 300hp, 1300kg max weight, 2+2 seats. How hard can that be for Toyota?

  • Parker

    it is more beautiful than i could imagine i want it!! I want to drift in that car