Toyota Prius Pickup Truck is Worse Than it Sounds

Toyota Prius Pickup Truck is Worse Than it Sounds

There’s a huge list of reasons why anyone would want to buy a Toyota Prius these days. But despite its decent cargo space once the rear seats are folded down, the Prius has its limitations when it comes to really transporting anything of significance.

So clearly the owner of this Prius loved the fuel economy but also needed the ability to haul stuff around. Their solution? Simple. They transformed their second generation Prius to a pickup truck… in a scary fashion.

This abomination was spotted in North Carolina and clearly the photos speak a thousand words: the fabrication work to transform the Prius to a pickup isn’t very good. At least there’s a bed destined to carry great things that no other Prius ever will. Oh wait… maybe they should have just waited for the Prius v.

[Source: Worldcarfans]

  • AndySmithBrookfield

    Well, of course, this cut & paste job by a weekend warrior to turn a Prius 4-door into a Prius Pick-up is an abomination … BUT, his concept is MUCH more attractive (were Toyota to work off of and refine this look) than their own uglier-than-sin-aquared A-BAT platform that I saw dolled up as a proposed Prius Pick-up. My and MANY other households would be highly interested in a fuel-efficient, sub-compact pick-up just big enough to haul a load of sticks or junk to the dump, cart a chair or table home from the furniture store or load up the snowblower or lawn mower to take it in for a tune-up. The compact pick-ups are mediocre in terms of gas mileage and all look like pregnant roller skates. Regular pick-ups are all built to look like testosterone-laded semi trucks, get ridiculous gas mileage, cost more than a house, require a step ladder to get into and swallow up two parking spaces when you’re able to manuever in and out. A perfect size pick-up was the Ford-100 … not the humogous F-150. We already own a 2009 Prius and love it. Again, if there were a good looking, practical, good mileage, reasonably comfortable Prius Pick-up that didn’t look STUPID, there is definitely a market for is, especially at north of $4.00 per gallon. Who agrees? (And yes, I AM looking for a staff position reviewing and writing about cars for the audience of typical average households … exotics? … No.) 03-11-12

  • IRMacGuyver


  • Lori

    Dear Mr. Siu,

    As someone who knows the gentleman that made this “abomination,” I can assure you that this was not done to please the general public, it was made to suit the practical needs of someone who understand mechanics and like things far greater than most people ever will, possibly yourself included. There is some information that your hap-hazard article is missing and had you taken the time to find the owner and inquire deeper as to the rationale for his creation, I’m sure you would not have taken such a biased perspective in your article (which by the way as a ‘journalist’ you should really avoid doing). The truck was made from a salvaged Prius that he saw no reason should go to waste. So with the patience of Job and the fortitude of any hardcore Marine I have ever known, he improvised, adapted and overcame. Instead of merely allowing the damaged Prius to be shipped off to a car graveyard, he used his ingenuity to build a practicle vehicle that fit his needs. Now you don’t have to think that it is beautiful or that the body work was spectacular, but you should at least acknowledge the fact that 1) an eco friendly car was not sentenced to death by a crusher or used for scrap metal, which by proxy then makes it even more eco-friendly; 2) At least he had the skill to expertly convert it into a mini-truck that suited his needs while maintaining the efficiency of the Prius; 3) While it may appear as a sliced and diced put together “frankentruck” to some people, many of us happen to think the idea rocks. If more people thought from this perspective, then maybe, just maybe we could cut down on the wastefulness of our society. Mr. SmithBrookfield referred to it as “stupid” looking… we simply refer to it as a DITT.. DAMN IMPRESSIVE TRANSFORMATION TRUCK.

  • Dave G.

    Well, the owner got himself a practical, environmentally friendly, and relatively cheap car (apparently, it was a savage), and we got something to feel superior about. I admit I like it, but like the idea even better–kind of like a hybrid S-10.