Ukranian Used Cars Cut In Half To Avoid Import Taxes

Ukranian Used Cars Cut In Half To Avoid Import Taxes

For all the talk of “tax cuts” in our national discourse, Americans have nothing on our friends in former Soviet bloc states. These photos from the Ukraine show a novel method of getting around the high tariffs placed on imported used vehicles in many parts of the world.

According to photos, vehicle importers in the Ukraine have taken to cutting vehicles in half and then re-welding them back together once the vehicle has cleared customs. Importers apparently save a substantial amount of money – import taxes on new vehicles can be roughly 43%, but if the vehicle is sawed in half, the pieces can be imported as “spare parts” and the amount paid in taxes is reduced dramatically.

Frankly, the prospect of driving a vehicle that was welded back together is downright frightening. Evidently, some people are willing to take that risk just to save a buck and look good in a BMW at the same time.

[Source: Today I Learned]

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