Why The 1994 Honda Accord Remains A Favorite With Thieves

Why The 1994 Honda Accord Remains A Favorite With Thieves

Top 10 lists of stolen cars are often quite interesting. The fact is, thieves often steal cars for which they can make the most money selling parts from, which probably explains why, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, the most stolen car in America at present is the 1994 Honda Accord.

From 1997 onwards, Honda started utilizing microchip car keys, making subsequent models of Accord harder to boost. The second most popular car on the NCIB’s top 10 list from last year was of similar vintage and also a Honda, in this case the 1995 Civic. With so many Accords of this generation left on the road, demand for spare parts is high, and thieves can make a pretty penny selling them to chop shops.

Third was the 1991 Toyota Camry, while the 1999 full-size Chevy Silverado pickup and 1997 Ford F-150 rounded out the top five (both new models for those respective years).

It’s also interesting to note that thieves have preferences depending on which part of the country vehicles are stolen; for example, Subaru Legacy wagons are popular targets in places like Maine, Oregon and Vermont, while big SUVs are a frequent choice in Texas. In Michigan, the top 10 list of cars stole consisted entirely of Domestic models. led by the 2000 Dodge Caravan and 1999 Ford Taurus.

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