2012 Ram Pickup Picks Up A New Transmission

2012 Ram Pickup Picks Up A New Transmission

As Ram sales continue to increase, efforts made to keep the ball rolling result in the new for Ram “65RFE” six-speed automatic transmission that will replace the old outgoing five.

The five-speed transmission, “545RFE,” features an interesting split dual cog 2nd gear. Engagement on one cog or the other depend on whether the transmission is performing an upshift or a downshift. The 1.67 and 1.50 ratio cog are used for the upshift and downshift respectively. An electric range select is also featured in the 545RFE, allowing driver to manually limit the highest available gear, a handy device during hilly terrain or tow situations.

Now, not only will the new 2012 six-speed transmission retain all these characteristics from the outgoing five-speed, but will also possess a new torque converter said to improve the Ram’s fuel economy, although EPA ratings will stay the same.

Nonetheless, these incremental improvements are expected to increase its sales numbers still, there’s no stopping Ram! Find the new six speed standard with the 4.7 liter V-8 and 5.7 liter Hemi V-8 engines.

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