2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Spy Photo Shows Off Veloster Nose

2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Spy Photo Shows Off Veloster Nose

Even though its official North American debut is quite a ways off at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show, several photos have surfaced throughout the Internet revealing the 2013 facelifted Genesis Coupe. Now we’ve spotted the most revealing photo of the Hyundai Veloster-influenced Genesis, featuring a much bolder front end while the rest of the body looks traditional Genesis-esque. We have little reason to believe that the actual production vehicle will stray very far from these leaked photos.

We’re still confident that Hyundai will equip the 2013 Genesis Coupe with a more powerful base 2.0L turbocharged engine with 274-hp, while the 3.8L V6 from the Genesis Sedan with 333-hp will be available as an option. The only thing that would make the next-generation Genesis Coupe killer would be a 5.0L V8 option with 429-hp – just like on the Genesis Sedan R-Spec model.

[Source: Hyundai-Blog.com]

  • Panda

    I’m glad I bought one before they change it..that front end looks completely hideous. I wouldn’t consider buying that thing. I’d rather have an underpowered nice looking gen coupe, rather than that mess!!

  • Derek Draven

    YEEEEEOUCH!! What a misstep! The Veloster face belongs on the Veloster, and that’s the end of it. This makes the Coupe look way too mechanical and ugly. I was curious to see this facelift, but I’ll still be confident driving around in my Yellow 3.8 GT with original design, as opposed to this. The extra 27HP isn’t enough to sway my vote, either. Guess I’ll have to wait for round 3.

  • Gc bc

    I say thumbs up to hyundai on this one! Great job guys, you all are turning the gen coupe’s exterior into what we always knew the car was.. A SPORTS CAR! I love the new looks! They’re aggressive and sharp compared to the laid back front end of the current one. Keep up the GREAT work guys!!

  • wing it

    I agree, this fish mouth front end needs to stay on Veloster, thats what identifys it as a Veloster, while some complained of the small grill on the orig GenCoupe, at least it was simple and didnt attract ones eye only to the front end, this new front overpowers the rest of the car and reminds me of a monster movie…hehe, those are the largest headlight assemblies ive ever seen on a small car,(maybe the grill is to compete with an Audi?) Hyundai should have made the GenCoupe front a small version of its parent Genesis sedan, thus keeping the Genesis luxury line in its own class,i wonder what the aftermarket people are working on for revamped front grill and facia once this version gets on the market, i do like the new hood!, but maybe if the designers stopped the grill just under the bumper (shortened the fish mouth)and made a short air ram it would have worked, i too am glad i have the orig GenCoupe, should be interesting to see critics reviews, ill wait for the next Gen

  • Stewy

    I agree the hood is a nice touch. Hyundai came out with a nice design for the Sonata but enough is enough, why do all the new models have to have the same front end. In my opinion Hyundai is shooting themselves in the foot having all the models look the same!

  • Fake

    Dont get worked up by this fake photo,,, this photo is originally from korea and it was proved that it was photoshopped

  • Scott

    Wow. Huge improvement. Can’t wait.

  • Joe in Seattle

    If Hyundai delivers the 3.8 Touring model for 30 grand I’m in. I love the Skyline ripoff front fascia, and I feel Hyundai did it better than Nissan/Mitsu btw. I simply refused to consider this car prior to this refresh, the front was fugly and no HID’s up front/LED’s in back on the Touring model was unacceptable. Also, the tan leather color is awesome and should be available regardless of exterior color, wtf? Everything else is in order now, and I feel a Tau V8 R-Spec for 35 grand or so in the not too distant future. As Bart Scott says, Can’t Wait!!!