BMW Convertible Top Crushes Belgian Woman to Death

BMW Convertible Top Crushes Belgian Woman to Death

An ingenious way to enjoy the sunshine while driving, sure, but is a convertible roof also a killing machine?

According to a report out of Belgium a woman was killed when the retractable top on a BMW closed on her. It’s not known what model of BMW or if it was a hard-top of soft-top, but the mechanism is said to have closed on her neck. The car belonged to the woman’s employer, who she worked for as a maid and was said to be cleaning the car at the time.

BMW has yet to comment and police are continuing to investigate.

[Source: Standaard via Jalopnik]

  • Ray

    I won’t be surprised if this woman decides to file a lawsuit against BMW over this.

  • Oli

    How does a dead woman file a law suit?

  • Ron

    This has to be a set up! I dont think the conv. top on any BMW can kill someone, with out the assistance of someone to hit the switch, and hold it in the open or close position. I have worked with these cars for a while now, and I say there is no way.

  • Will

    did you look under my hood!?