BMW To Replace LED Lights With Laser Headlights

BMW To Replace LED Lights With Laser Headlights

BMW engineers are currently working on the introduction of laser light technology as the next logical step in car light development. Laser lights offer a vast improvement over the stock LED bulbs, currently used in luxury cars because lasers use less energy, are brighter, smaller, and can be directed at a smaller area.

LED lighting generates only around 100 lumens per watt, but laser lighting generates approximately 170 lumens, meaning they’re much brighter. The new technology is much more efficient and interestingly, because lasers are much smaller, designers can create very thin lights, seen on futuristic concepts. BMW also sees no reason why they can’t implement all the familiar lighting functions to lasers such as Adaptive Headlights, the Dynamic Light Spot spotlighting system and the Anti-Dazzle High-Beam Assist.

[Source: e90 Post]

  • James Mahon

    I don’t see any particular benefit.
    OK lasers are more efficient than LEDs, but Leds are very efficient already and the absolute amount of energy you will save will be very low.
    The brightness arguement is nonsense, you just add leds till it is bright enough, and if it takes a few more, so what.

    It might sound good in marketing terms, but it makes no sense to me as an engineer.

  • David Whitfield

    In theory, I assume I can I use a laser through a diffusing lens to achieve a reasonably efficient area light?

    Will the expected efficacy growth of LEDs make this technology redundant within 5 years?

  • Aad

    James Mahon probably likes Audi more than BMW.

  • T.J.

    @James… Some engineers should not be engineers. How hard is it to understand that small advances multiplied to a large scale can be large advances. Tell your boss that its not a problem that you powersupply is not big enough. Just add $2.50 to the product and add another one, Im sure the marketing guys will be fine with it. Learn to think past your nose or please make the jump to managment now!

  • Priya

    Lasers now coming into the lighting arena is quite interesting especially with efficacy almost up by 70%. A boon to an optical engineer since it will have a reduced divergence angle!! One might not need a TIR lens as in LED and can better the efficiency from a system perspective as well!

    Though I am not sure how the thermal management works for this and whether they are comparing the max current values here. However, in all probability with time Laser should be able to take over.

    Will look forward to see the first proto!!

  • Okarina

    What about vibration? Will vibration kill the adaptive lighting based on LASER technology? As an engineer I have to put this question.

  • Very odd details in this post – 
    Laser diodes are larger than LED’s
    LED’s that only produce 100lpw are very outdated, you can get +170 with LED’s

    The biggest problem would be the need for multiple optics to make the laser usable.

    It’s obviously just a gimmick…NOW WITH LASERS!!!!!