Cadillac Takes on Mercedes C300 in a Drag Race… With an Escalade [Video]

Cadillac Takes on Mercedes C300 in a Drag Race… With an Escalade [Video]

Cadillac has just launched a marketing push title “New Standards”, highlighting some of the brand’s best features and little known secrets. Along with a new site dedicated to highlighting these traits, the GM luxury brand has just released the first of what appears to be a series of clever videos pitting Cadillac models against their rivals.

In the first spot, there’s a 0-60 drag race between a Mercedes C300 and a Cadillac Escalade. With 403-hp and plenty of torque, the mammoth SUV holds its own. Plus, it’s a great way for Cadillac to highlight the luxury ‘ute’s excellent towing capability too.

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  • Chris

    That wasn’t a ute I’m afraid guys. A ute has a tray on the back.

  • John

    What king of race is that? Use ML63 AMG against Escalade

  • Dmitry

    This video makes no sense what so ever. I have checked the specs of the c300 4matic on MB website – 228 HP vs the Cadillac 403 HP, and according to this test the c300 did not lose by much, which makes one wonder where did the 403 HP go to?

  • Colum Wood

    I think it has something to do with the Escalade weighing nearly 6,000 lbs.

  • toooo badasss

  • bob

    why dont you race it against the c63? or better yet, why dont you take it on a real race track and let the handling do the talking?