Chevrolet Corvette C7 To Bow in 2013

Chevrolet Corvette C7 To Bow in 2013

An Automotive News article suggests that a re-designed Chevrolet Corvette, known internally as the C7, will bow in 2013. GM design chief Ed Wellburn said that work is ongoing for the new Corvette, and one of the main challenges is designing a car that can appeal to a younger audience while staying faithful to the brand’s heritage.

“Finding that right balance” is a challenge. “You want it to be a new design, but it needs to be recognizable as a Corvette.” Corvette sales are at their lowest levels in nearly 50 years, and GM needs to bring down the average age of the Corvette buyer to help draw in new customers.

[Source: Automotive News]

  • mel

    when they bring the prices down….people could afford

  • Jake Steed

    The problem is the price…the base model C7 needs to be priced at 40K. Like it was in the early C5 days.

  • Felix Biggers

    To appeal to younger buyers they need to lower the price a little. They also need to make it more appealing than anything else in it’s class. It need to be better looking, better performing in all catigories, better built, better backed, better interior. In other words better all around than anything anyone else has to offer. They need to do this without stepping into Camaro territory price wise while keeping current customers happy and not decontenting the car. It’s a tall order and I sure hope they can pull it off.

  • Will

    I have to disagree. It’s not the price as much as it is the mental concept that the cars are expensive. When you go to comparing the price and performance of the Corvette with its’ rivals, you realize your getting the most bang for your buck. The real problem is society has always labeled certain vehicls as expensive and unobtainable. If you want to sell more vettes then you have to change this thinking but remember it is that same thinking that makes Corvette such a coveted prize. In my opinion you should never compare a Camaro to Corvette because there is no comparison. The Camaro is heavy, slow, and cheaply built, they leave much to be desired. But Seriously, do you really want to put that powerful a car in the hands of a younger person. Exactly what age range are you trying to reach. I am 32 and I own a C6 Z06, its not a toy and needs to be respected like a loaded gun. They seriously need to think this one through.

  • User24

    Must be kiding me, the toddlers riding in their parents back seat know more about my c6 z06 driving by than the adults do.

  • Noonehasthisusername

    Or maybe this new GT-R. It is very likely outselling the more expensive ZR1. The ZR1 will probably be dropped, and the Z06 made just as fast as the ZR1 was.