Chevy Cruze Eco-D Tipped as Name of New Cruze Diesel Model

Chevy Cruze Eco-D Tipped as Name of New Cruze Diesel Model

When it does go on sale next year Chevy‘s new Cruze Diesel model will reportedly be called the ‘Eco-D’.

While early rumors suggested GM would bill the diesel model as a performance option, due in part to it’s impressive torque, this latest bit of info signifies the automaker will instead promote diesel as a fuel-efficient alternative its gasoline counterpart. Currently Chevy offers a special Cruze Eco gasoline model, capable of achieving 42-mpg on the highway when equipped with a manual transmission. An Eco-D model could offer up to 50-mpg highway as the flagship of the Eco line.

Current diesel-powered Cruze models, like the Australian Holden Cruze, are powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged diesel engine making 160-hp and 265 -lb-ft of torque. Look for the Cruze Eco-D to hit the market in late 2012 as a 2013 model year car.

[Source: GMAuthority]

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  • Ryan Endres

    Mr. Wood,

    I found this post and your links to be an interesting move for General Motors. What really surprises me is how GM would rather play it safe and produce a similar vehicle like its gasoline version but highlight the additional fuel-saving effects. I would think that the attention received from a sportier, performance “Eco-D” vehicle would be much greater and draw much more publicity than another mundane sedan. With critics arguing that the Chevy Cruze has such a slow response off the line from its turbo lag and a lethargic electronic throttle, I hope that GM can iron out the kinks before its 2013 introduction into the U.S. Despite minor problems with these new diesel cars, there seems to be a great interest in how they can benefit the atmosphere in addition to the bank account. Rising diesel demand has people curious as to whether or not the price premium for the diesel model will out outweigh the extra few miles per gallon gained when compared to its gasoline counterpart. If the Cruze diesel catches on, what does GM do with the Volt? What effect does this have on foreign hybrid makers (i.e. Toyota Prius)? And what are Ford and Chrysler doing to get involved with offering diesel options in their cars?
    Either way, I believe this line of Chevy Cruze diesels are exactly what we need in the states. For America to embrace diesel vehicles in their everyday lives, the effort needs to first come from American automakers to develop viable alternatives to the standard offerings available now.

  • Mr. Cruze

    The Diesel Cruze will be a great addition to the line-up, I will be buyin one for sure. I already own a 2011 Eco with some upgrades that cost less than $1K and I now get 57 MPG on the highway. I have tuned the Cruze with a well known tuner and added an Intake and Moddified exhaust. When the tune is in ECO mode, the boost is actually lower than factory but still has better performance than factory ever was. When the tune is in SPORT mode, we see increased boost and almost 40% horsepower and 55% torque gains at the crank. In both modes, turbo lag is no more, if GM just tuned the Cruze from the factory at the ECO level of our tune, the EPA numbers would rise and the motor would also see less stress from the lower boost levels. GM did drop the ball when it came to tuning the little 1.4L, it is sad that one guy can fix and issue that multiple engineers could not figure out.

  • dkmensa

    Mr. Cruze…tell me more about your tune..where can I get my 2012 eco tuned like yours.