Dodge Viper ACR Tops Lexus LFA, Sets New 7:12 Nurburgring Lap Record

Dodge Viper ACR Tops Lexus LFA, Sets New 7:12 Nurburgring Lap Record

Just a week after Lexus confirmed its LFA Nurburgring Edition had set a new lap record on the Green Hell, Dodge has one-upped the Japanese automaker. With a 7:12 time, the now out of production ACR’s time is a solid two seconds ahead of the $400,000 LFA supercar.

With a 32-hp advantage on the LFA, the Viper ACR’s real strong points are excessive amounts of torque and a nearly absurd spoiler that provides race car like downforce at speed.

In addition to this news, Dodge also reportedly ran a Viper ACR-X track car on the ‘Ring, lapping almost 10 seconds faster than the standard car with a 7:03 run.

  • Jake Steed

    They still make the viper?!?!?!?

  • Uncle B

    Where’s the video? The sound! I want to hear this thing do a zero to what-ever run! through All the gears! These cars soon to go right out of existrance as gasoline shortages begin to plague the world. Don’t deny the last of us with memories of even the first cars with ‘Lakes piopes” a deep thraosty rumble that inspiredyour very being here! Give us the sonds!

  • Ray

    I think it’s safe to say the Mopar guys have bragging rights now.

  • Derek Draven

    Ok, it’s one thing to beat that lap time but……2 whole seconds? That’s a HUGE difference. I’ve always loved the Viper from day one. It’s still my favorite ride after trying out everything from Enzos to Murcielagos to the Vanquish. Sad to see the legend go, but I don’t think it’ll be gone for long. Nicely done.

  • bruce delfino

    The best way to judge a car is milage the consumer put’s on the vehicle. That’s why we buy vehicles for a specific job eg;(tooles).The Viper has always been desinged to be driven hard and is a no excusess sportcar.This is the last true drivers car that will earn it’s respect only after it’s gone! I get sick of people who have lot’s to say about a car they don’t drive or don’t vote for with there hard earned cash. You can’t possibly find out about a car’s weakness or strength without miledge and use as a specific tool. The manufactures test there car’s and the car critics feel they can judge a vehicle in a day but the consumer’s world is the real test of pleasure and endurance.Style and fashion now is all about instant gratification with nanny’s to make you look like a good driver. It’s not safe because everyboady has forgotten how to drive!The greatest reward in life is to know you did it by yourself.

  • Braden

    How much does the acr cost?

  • Colum Wood

    They aren’t on sale any more, but they were just under $100,000 brand new.

  • Nick

    Vipers are being tested to be released in 2013 again. With a horsepower boost to boot.