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 |  Sep 30 2011, 12:00 PM


Looking to find a Ferrari Enzo at a steal of a price? Preferably one without water damage? Then look no further than Dubai where this ultra-rare Ferrari supercar sits abandoned in the sun.

While there are folks in Dubai that can afford to simply toss away a million dollar Enzo, this car, found sitting in a police impound, appears to be one of a growing number of vehicles left behind by people fleeing the country’s strict bankruptcy laws.

With just 400 Enzos ever made (the 400th being a gift to the Pope), this 651-hp V12-powered exotic is destined to be one of the most valuable Ferraris ever.

GALLERY: Abandoned Ferrari Enzo


[Source: MotorAuthority]

  • Darren

    SO if there are so many cars there. How can one get one??

  • Ian

    That was a few years ago, after the economy shit the bed. Someone is owed a lot of money for it.