Ford Panther Platform Production Ends Today

Ford Panther Platform Production Ends Today

Today, Ford Motor Company announced the official end of the Panther Platform, which has served as the underpinning of numerous Ford products, including the Ford Crown Victoria and the Lincoln Town Car, since 1979.

Arguably one of the most successful products in automotive history, sales amongst fleet buyers for the Town Car remained strong and the decision from Ford to end production derived simply from the platform’s age.

The termination not only marks the end of an icon, but it will also have a significant effect on the Ontario, Canada plant as well. The plant responsible for decades of Panther production has a combination of 1,100 Panther assembly line workers plus numerous  suppliers who must face a loss of 15,000 jobs. Ford added that production at other Ontario plants will not be reduced or affected.

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  • Carl

    Rest in Peace Panther. The tragic loss of the last American style, true fullsize car. Not even a proper send off. All this type of car needed was a restyle and modern engines and transmissions, all of which Ford has available.
    I speak for all cars!

  • Eric Brandt

    I sure see a lot of Crown Vics, GMs, and Town Cars on the road. These cars have a big following because they are old school American big car and are reliable and tough SOBs. I’m a proud owner of a 03 Grand Marquis and plan on keeping it the rest of my life.

  • Robert Tigner

    The loss of the Panther series leaves Ford with no automobile that really interests me. I’m driving my fifth Panther-based model (Grand Marquis) and nothing in their showrooms appeal to me. Where I live, these cars sold well, even after Ford stopped advertising them. Not everyone likes small front-wheel drive cars. If Taurus and MKS offered significant improvements in fuel economy, looks, safety and comfort then they might make a case for dropping the Panther, but I see no basis for that case.

  • Carl

    Thanks Robert Tigner I can’t agree more! If Ford would’ve simply installed the new 5.0L and 6 speed automatic the Panthers would have easily matched or bettered Taurus fuel economy! Also I read Ford is going to put the ecoboost v6 in the Navigator. I wish they would realize that fullsize car buyers don’t want suv’s! Ecoboost would have saved the Panthers not just trucks.
    I speak for all cars!

  • Ken

    There is a reason every police force is buying up every one of these they can afford.

    The panther was the last of a breed….tough, reliable, safe, comfortable, and as others have commented, an icon.

    There is no substitute for the performance of rear wheel drive, and no way to to amend to lack of a full body on frame construction for ease of repair and strength.

    Anyone who has actually driven one of these knows what the real supercar is (now was).

    The crown victoria/LTD/full size Ford/Mercurys will live forever with collectors in the future, and be missed by fleet/professional users. No substitute will ever replace them.

  • Tom

    I’m a full frame car guy all the way. My 1st car was a ’78 LTD that I hit a tree sideways with at 45 MPH on the DRIVERS door. I didn’t get a scratch and I had to shut the car off after the accident. I actually drove it home.