Hitler Tried to Get Out of Speeding Ticket by Blaming Chauffeur… What a Jerk

Hitler Tried to Get Out of Speeding Ticket by Blaming Chauffeur… What a Jerk

Often credited for developing the German autobahn system, Adolph Hitler wasn’t driving on it when he received a speeding ticket back in 1931. Prior to becoming the Fuhrer, new records released from the German archives show that the then head of the Nazi party was clocked going 34-mph (nearly double the speed limit) in his personal Supercharged Mercedes.

As quite possibly the most evil human in history, it turns out Hitler was also a jerk, attempting to blame his chauffeur Julius Schreck – who was hired as a body double for the notorious mass murderer.

The incident occurred in Baar-Ebenhausen just south of Ingolstadt (the home of Audi) on September 19th, 1931. Documents reveal that the speed was calculated by using two officers in different locations with stop watches, calculating the time it took the car to travel 200 meters.

Rather than stop the car, the license plate (II A – 19357) was recorded and a request was made to find out who the offender was. The info came back, with the car belonging to none other than A. Hitler. Likely an unwise move on his part the officer, (who we known only by his last name Probst), issued the ticket anyway. A second document from the German archives regarding this matter is stamped with the word “settled”.

It is believed that a the time Hitler was on his way to Munich to attend to matters when his half-niece shot herself with Hitler’s gun.

[Source: DailyMail]


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