Homemade Lotus 2-Eleven With 305-HP Could be Yours for $28,977

Homemade Lotus 2-Eleven With 305-HP Could be Yours for $28,977

Lotus‘ Elise is a pretty wicked sports car straight from the factory, but with some creativity one can have a serious street/race car on their hands. This roofless Elise has been floating around the Internet for some time now, supposedly packing 305-hp in a 1500-lb body making it one ultra-lightweight, supercharged, and sequentially-shifted machine. Now its owner is willing to part ways with it for just $28,977.

The highly modified Elise features a long list of modifications, but it is a 2005 model packing just 11,000 miles on the odometer. It has been supercharged with the same Eaton MP62 supercharger Lotus uses, while an EFI stand-alone ECU and Quaife Differential ensures this isn’t your run-of-the-mill Elise. Other performance modifications include a Forced Fed race header and race cat, a ton of carbon fiber goodies from Sector111, and an ACT clutch to get the power to the ground. As options, some of the finest suspension modifications money can buy from Ohlins is available, along with top-of-the-line Alcon brakes.

It also already has a Hypersports SCCA T-1 roll cage, so it’s ready to rock on the track – which is where we believe the most fun could be had with this vehicle. Hit the source if you’re interested, it’s definitely a great price for what appears to be a well built machine.

GALLERY: R Motorsports Roofless Lotus Elise

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[Source: Cars.com via Jon Sibal]