Honda CR-V, CR-Z Recalled for Unrelated Electrical Gliches

Honda CR-V, CR-Z Recalled for Unrelated Electrical Gliches

Honda is issuing two new recalls, this time for 80,111 CR-Vs from the 2006 model year and 5,626 manual transmission CR-Zs from the 2011 model year for different and separate issues. The 2006 CR-Vs are being recalled for a faulty power window master switch while the 2011 CR-Zs are getting an update to the software that controls the hybrid electric motor.

In the 2006 CR-V, the faulty power window master switch can allow residue from interior cleaners to gather up, causing the electrical contacts to degrade, leading to a potential fire in the switch. Honda will replace the switch for all those affected by the recall.

The electric motor issue in the 2011 CR-Z has the potential to rotate in the opposite direction to what’s selected on the transmission, potentially causing the CR-Z to roll in an unexpected direction – as in if you’re in first gear, your CR-Z will instead go in reverse. A software update will be done to the electric motor that will add further controls to correct the problem.

Honda will be notifying customers beginning in late September 2011 and neither recall has resulted in any injuries or deaths. Owners of the vehicles may also contact Honda at 800-999-1009 (option 4) or going online at to determine if they fall into the recall.

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