How To Cut Out Distracted Driving Habits

How To Cut Out Distracted Driving Habits

It’s surprising to learn that with all the information out there about the dangers of distracted driving, according to a recent Virginia Tech study, it is still responsible for 80 percent of all car crashes. And the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that distracted driving is the main factor for about 5,500 automotive fatalities annually. It seems like we just can’t put down our cell phone or stop fiddling with the radio settings while we drive.

By making a few small adjustments to your driving routine, you can prevent distracted driving accidents, as well as pass on good driving behaviors to younger drivers who are in the car with you. Here are a few tips to keep in mind before you start the car.

•     Before heading out, pick your radio station, choose your playlist, and turn on the air conditioning or heating.

•     Make your phone calls or send text messages before leaving the driveway. A hands-free device is legal, but it’s still best to focus all your attention on the road ahead. If you do need to make a call, pull over before dialling.

•     Set your course in your GPS ahead of time and look it over to familiarize yourself with the route.

•     Leave in plenty of extra time so you won’t have to rush.

•     If you’re travelling with pet, keep them safely secured in the backseat where they won’t be a dangerous distraction.

•     Check to see if there are any loose items rolling around in the car and pick them up off the floor

•     Try to eat before you leave the house. If you spill something while driving, wait to clean it up until you reach your destination.

•     Your rear view mirror is not meant to be used to help you put on makeup or shave. Take care of your personal grooming before leaving the house.

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