Jennifer Lopez Stars in New Fiat Commercial [Video]

Jennifer Lopez Stars in New Fiat Commercial [Video]

The Fiat/Chrysler marketing masterminds are at it again. A follow-up to the wildly popular Chrysler 200 commercial featuring Eminem in Detroit and the signature beat from his “8 Mile” soundtrack, the automaker has now recruited the beautiful Jennifer Lopez to endorse its adorable 2012 Fiat 500C.

The combination is so irresistible, in fact, that the ad shows an entire town lose their self control, scrambling after the stars like a mob of zombies. Thanks to the light and little Cinquecento, J.Lo manages to nimbly swerve around the fanatics, while showing off the 500’s capable chassis and her superior driving skills. Inevitably, our star gets swarmed and lifted from the Fiat and Bollywood dancing spontaneously commences.

Fiat and J.Lo will be introducing a series of ads scheduled to air in the coming months. Enjoy the video!

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  • laura

    This commercial does not do the car justice. They choose JLO to sell the new Fiat but I believe its going to have the opposite effect. This commercial keeps coming on tv and is making me sick. I like the Fiat but not JLO singing for it. Is she trying to sell the car or herself.

  • rich


    JLo is a major brand. She does not need to sell herself.
    The Fiat is cute. JLO is muy caliente.

  • Jacqueline

    Check out that new FIAT commerical featuring J Lo. Let me know your thoughts

  • kathy

    I love the car could never afford one but that’s life. I also like Jlo but the last little dance move is really stupid.

  • Jim

    I’m already sick of this commercial. During an NFL game a couple of weeks ago, I’m not joking, they played this commercial four times during two consecutive commercial breaks. Not that I would ever buy a Fiat, but why would anyone else buy a car from a manufacturer that hires a mega-star celebrity? J-Lo must be receiving at least a million dollars (probably five-to-times that amount) for appearing in this commercial. Who do think Fiat is going to pass that cost down to? P.S. I agree with Kathy. That last dance move is really annoying. It looks like J-Lo is trying to squeeze out a fart or turd.

  • Jim

    …J-Lo must be receiving at least a million dollars (probably five-to-ten times that amount) for appearing in this commercial.

  • Kathy

    I agree with all – the last move is stupid. She is a very pretty woman but that move is totally unflattering.

  • Mrs. D

    LMAO, she looks so dumb……what a joke.

  • TKP

    This is such a Chrysler thing to do. Fiat plus hiphop?!? Is that really the image they want? I really like this car too. But, JLo? Everytime the commercial comes on, I change the channel.

  • Ms.M

    @TKP….there is nothing wrong with putting hip hop to a commercial. That is done alot actually. The Audi A6 and Chrysler 200 both use Eminem’s song Lose Yourself. Kia uses the Party Rock Anthem. Pepsi use to use Kanye West, and some other commercial uses that song Party Lock A ROckstar. All of these are hip hop something J-lo is clearly not.

  • Katarina

    The global animal right community loathes JLo because of her DEMAND for fur. In turn, we who love animals boycott her shows, her music, and her products, including L’Oreal and now, Fiat. She should take a lesson from Charlize Theron, Billy Bob Thornton, and Jean Claude Van Damme to name a few who have recently spoken out against cruelty to animals. Only the brave want to make change, the weak follow losers like JLo.

  • Axis

    She is a great artist and singer and she never seems to “go out of style”. She keeps re-inventing itself; however, she looks ridiculous with the cloth that she is wearing. She looks like an overgrown girl scout.

  • Ranae

    Really? Okay everyone wake up, I can bet my life, JLO would never buy a FIAT car for any reason, unless they paid her!!!! What a joke, I just change the channel when I see this commercial.