Lamborghini Celebrates 30th Anniversary with Spyder Supreme Diamond Cell Phone

Lamborghini Celebrates 30th Anniversary with Spyder Supreme Diamond Cell Phone

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the exotic automaker’s fashion line, Lamborghini has designed a limited edition Spyder Supreme Diamond Cell Phone. The uber-luxe cell phone dazzles with bling and is the epitome of high-end accessories.

Everything about this cell phone is extraordinary. Italian designers crafted its stainless steel, vertically tapered body and sent it off to be finished Switzerland. Once there, the Spyder Supreme Diamond Cell Phone’s casing was studded with a total of 7.8 carats of diamonds. On the center of the front and back panel, as well as between the speaker and camera flash, Lamborghini’s monograms are featured prominently in yellow gold, and the battery cover is finished in crocodile leather print (available in black or white). Durability isn’t overlooked – the front cover is made from sapphire crystal, making it resistant to scratches and it helps keep handset dust free.

In the way of technical features, it comes with everything you need to stay in touch. The Spyder Supreme comes with a 2.75G dual-band operating capability on GSM 900 and 1800 networks, an external 4 GB memory support, 3.0 megapixel camera with auto-focus, an a SOS signal button for emergencies and a  2-inch mini LCD display screen (240 x 320 pixel resolution).

Only 300 of the beauties are being made, in S650 and S660 versions. The cheaper of the two is the S650 model, which comes adorned with 2.5 carat diamonds, a black leather back and a price tag of $10,000. For $16,419 you can pick up the S660, which comes with 5.9 carat diamonds and a crocodile leather back.

[Source: Born Rich]

  • TommyJames

    Tino Lamborghini has nothing to do with the car maker anymore. His father sold the business years ago and he makes a buck off the brand confusion. This is about as “Lamborghini” as a ham sandwich.

  • Amy

    I’m sure that would be one expensive ham sandwich.

  • ray

    It’s only a matter of time till Soulja Boy starts rocking the Lamborghini phone along with his Lamborghini chain that can be seen here…..


  • Justin

    This phone is perfect for a birmingham booty call!!! Whaaaaaat!?!