Lotus Evora GTE Confirmed for U.S. Sale

Lotus Evora GTE Confirmed for U.S. Sale

It’s billed as the most powerful Lotus ever made. Based on the brand’s Le Mans racing car it’s also the most hard core. And now you’ll be able to buy one, in America!

Speaking with Ian Fry, platform manager for the Evora at Lotus Cars Limited at the car’s unveiling at the Frankfurt Motor Show, he confirmed that the 444-hp street legal race car will be homologated to U.S. standards and could be on sale in as little as six months. Exactly how Lotus plans to do this, is still uncertain says Fry, indicating that it may be offered as a modification kit to the standard Evora in order to get around certain regulations.

Unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show in production trim, the Evora GTE is powered by a supercharged 3.5-liter V6 and shares it’s widebody with the brand’s Evora race car. In addition it gets wild aerodynamics, light weight wheels, a stripped-down interior that is almost entirely coated in carbon fiber and a sequential 6-speed transmission with paddle shifters. Initially offered only for sale in a limited number of just 25 units (and only in China), Lotus has since given the go ahead to sell the car in both the U.S. and Europe.

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