Lotus Evora S Freddie Mercury Edition Revealed

Lotus Evora S Freddie Mercury Edition Revealed

September 5th marks the birthday of Freddie Mercury, the legendary front man to the rock and roll band Queen. Having succumbed to AIDS almost twenty years ago, fans, friends and family will gather at the Savoy Hotel on September 5th, 2011 to celebrate what would have been Freddie’s 65th birthday.

In honor of the occasion, Lotus has donated a one-off Evora S for a charity auction with proceeds going to support the HIV AIDS charity fund, Mercury Phoenix Trust. The striking sports car’s color scheme features red and gold racing stripes as well as an interior influenced by one of Freddie Mercury’s stage costumes back in 1986. To top it all off, the Evora will also sport Mercury’s signature on the passenger side of the dashboard.

“We were only too happy to contribute to this fantastic cause,” said Group Lotus Director of Corporate Operations Gino Rosato. “We have created something very special to raise money for Mercury Phoenix Trust and we hope the car goes to a collector who really enjoys it.”

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  • Grace

    The greatest legend Freddie Mercury will be gone 20 years this November.

  • Maria

    And yet he’s still with us – we carry his voice, his charisma, his exuberance everywhere we go. Perhaps the article halved the number of years we’ve been missing Freddie because it hardly seems possible that all that talent has truly passed away.

  • Kirsty

    How cool of Lotus to pay tribute to Freddie Mercury in this way: a one-off model in memory of a one-off man! Superb!

  • Andrea

    Anyone notice they said ten years instead of 20?

  • Freddie Freak

    10 years ago?

  • Zubieta

    I think you meant

    Having succumbed to AIDS almost twenty years ago

    just saying ^^

  • Macedo

    Parabéns por continuares presente nas nossas vidas, hoje e sempre !!!

  • Mandy

    He will be gone 20 years this year..Forever in our Hearts Freddie <3

  • Pat Gregory

    Freddie Mercury died 20 years ago this November…Quite a big mistake to make when you are submitting an article to print…Great car, though !

  • Justin

    um he died in 1991 no just 10 years ago you bastards!!!

  • remus

    he died twenty years ago, you ….ns! 😛

  • michael ditchburn

    Come on get facts right lotus nearly 20 years since THE BELOVED FREDDIE DEPARTED missed by millions

  • Melanie

    He died almost 20 years ago – not 10.

  • axel

    “Having succumbed to AIDS almost ten years ago,” maybe 20 years ago.

  • Maximilian

    Why is it a left hand drive Lotus though?

  • Lordy

    10 years ago ? automobile journalists should work a bit more seriously…

  • Victoria

    Surely this should read as Freddie being gone 20 years and not 10…. ?

  • Milky

    An absolute legend. Well done Lotus for making this gorgeous car for an amazing man. I so NEED to get me one of these 🙂 LONG LIVE FREDDIE MERCURY

  • Jim

    Where did the writer of this article do his research?

  • mike

    I have read this article 5 times were does it say 10 years?…it says “Having succumbed to AIDS almost twenty years ago”…..

  • Colum Wood

    Ed: The article has been corrected, replacing 10 years with 20 years.

  • vicky

    Immortal! Freddie, you will live forever in our hearts. Thank you LOTUS for honoring the Greatest Performer who ever lived! LONG LIVE FREDDIE! LONG LIVE QUEEN!

  • tommy r drew

    What a beauty.Fredy would be proud!

  • Ger McMohin

    Ger McMohin.-