Lotus Reveals Bespoke Engine On Facebook

Lotus Reveals Bespoke Engine On Facebook

After decades of borrowing powertrains from Ford, Renault, Toyota and other OEMs, Lotus has revealed some of the first pictures of a working engine, designed and built in-house.

From the photo released on Facebook, the engine appears to be a DOHC V8 with a racy looking intake plenum and airbox setup, similar to an Italian supercar engine. No word on whether individual throttles, direct injection or any sophisticated technologies will be employed.

Expect to see the engine in products like the upcoming flagship Esprit, assuming those vehicles actually make it to market.

[Source: Facebook]

  • BiffNotZeem

    Gee, you’d think from that opening paragraph that Lotus didn’t use their own engines in their own cars from 1975-2004. Maybe AutoGuide writers should be required to learn something about a marque’s history before writing about it.

  • whoneedsresearch

    Lotus designed/used a 4 cyl engine in the Esprit in the 70s through the 1990s Lotus Esprit S4. And I’m not even going to cover Jensen Healey, Corvette ZR-1 contributions, etc. This article is extremely flawed.