MINI to Double Model Range

MINI to Double Model Range

With the addition of the all-new Coupe model, MINI now offers five unique models in its range, but that is only the start say U.S. brand CEO Jim McDowell. Speaking at the press introduction of the Coupe in Nashville last week McDowell indicated that while MINI, “will never be the world’s biggest automaker,” the model range being offered could expand to double its current size over the next 10 years.

With the traditional hard-top model, convertible and Clubman now the backbone of the lineup, last year MINI introduced the Countryman crossover which is expected to be a volume seller. The Coupe now adds a fifth model to the range.

As for what the next five models will be, two have already been confirmed. The first is the Roadster, a soft-top convertible version of the new Coupe, while the second is a production version of the Paceman concept – essentially a two-door Countryman. A final “known-model” is the Rocketman concept is certainly a possibility, although it’s not clear if that car will be offered in North America. As for what the remaining two models will be, McDowell wasn’t willing to comment.


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  • John

    I currently own a Classic Mini Mayfair and two 2005 Cooper S models. When MINI decides to introduce a pick up version of the Cooper and S, I’ll be first in line to order one

  • alan

    i have a new ver mini cooper with start stop go system which i think
    spoils this car and they dont offer a mini without this cause mini plan
    to make all there cars with this on, wheres customers choice? i dont rekon much to mini customers service !!