MV-1 Is The First Factory-Ready Vehicle For The Disabled

MV-1 Is The First Factory-Ready Vehicle For The Disabled

The MV-1 marks a new milestone in auto manufacturing – it’s the first vehicle that’s factory ready for wheelchair-bound owners. Built at the AM General assembly plant (it used to produce the Hummer H2), the MV-1 is called the “first mobility vehicle” by Florida-based Vehicle Production Group, the company that makes it, and it plans to sell about 10,000 units next year.

Although there have been vehicles for people in wheelchairs, they were aftermarket conversion kits and were so expensive, they remained out of reach for many. But the MV-1 has a starting price of $40,000 – a similar converted vehicle can cost anywhere from $60,000.

With a Roush-created platform, the MV-1 is powered by Ford Motor Co.’s bulletproof 4.6-liter V-8 engine and comes with 190 cubic feet of interior space in a body-on-frame platform. Able to seat six, the MV-1 makes it easy to enter the vehicle, as it offers a low floor and 36-inch-wide doors, while its ramp can take up to 1,200 pounds. And even better, if you’re in a wheelchair, you can sit up front, instead of sitting in the back.

“This is the first factory-built vehicle that meets all of the American with Disabilities Act requirements,” said Dave Schembri, Vehicle Production Group’s CEO. “I feel like a proud parent today.”

[Source: The Detroit News]

  • haji

    Well, bad news for them.

    And these versions have been around for more than a decade. (yes you read that right)

  • This Truck changes my 38 year old brothers life and makes my parents more able to keep him at home. Steven has never walked and can’t talk. He has very little voluntary movement. As my parents are not getting younger I have worried about them using their minivan with Steven. He only grew to be the size of a four year old which is why it is easy to keep him at home. Over the years I can remember a lot of different travel solutions we have tried with Steven. Including converted vans which were nice but not useful for Steven.
    Thank You Ford. This is the solution for not only keeping my mom and dad from accidently harming Steven or themselves while lugging wheelchairs and transferring my brother in his support chair from his wheel chair into a van seat for traveling but also a common sense solution to keep Stevie INCLUDED in social activities with family and friends in a safe and DIGNIFIED manner.
    Not only does Steven enjoy being on the go anytime he wants but he can enjoy the view from the front seat and bring a friend who is also in a wheel chair.
    I Love the Smile on his face when we get in his truck and I can ask him “What are you smiling about? Your truck, your responsibility. You get to pay for the gas bro!!