New NSX Confirmed by Honda CEO

New NSX Confirmed by Honda CEO

It’s been rumored, confirmed, re-confirmed, axed and revived. If jaded skepticism about not just the car, but the Honda brand hasn’t gotten to you yet, then rejoice in this latest blissful report that the NSX will return.

That’s right, according to Honda CEO Takanobu Ito, a “new NSX” is in the cards, keeping very much in line with the principles of the original. What that means is that it will focus on having an incredible power-to-weight ratio rather than all-out power. That said, don’t look for it to win any drag races, but do expect it to humble the competition on the race track.

Sadly, the “new NSX” might not be the performance champ some are expecting either, with Ito commenting in an interview with AutoCar that, “The original NSX was about high power but also good driving performance, and today power-to-weight is what we have to focus on.” Wait! What? The original NSX was about high-power output? (On the contrary, the car is famous for being so incredibly fast on track despite it’s under 300-hp rating).

Ito, who worked on the original NSX says he wants the current crop of engineers to have the opportunity to work on a car like the NSX and so they’ve already begun on the project. “Our engineers are already looking at developing such a car,” he said.

So the new Acura NSX is coming. But will it be the NSX everyone is hoping for?

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