New Toyota Supra Rendered into Reality

New Toyota Supra Rendered into Reality

With recent rumors that Toyota is in fact planning a successor to the Supra, one can’t help but wonder what a modern-day version of the iconic sports car would look like.

Thanks to Andreas Fougner, a 3D artist from Stockholm, Sweden, we’re able to get at least one glimpse into the possible future with a series of renderings of what he believes the new Supra will look like.

Taking some of Toyota’s new design cues from the FT-86 and expanding on them (we see some Saleen Raptor in there), Fougner’s creation is certainly stunning. He does, however, seem to be missing one thing… a giant spoiler.

GALLERY: MK4 Toyota Supra

MK4 Supra 01.jpgMK4 Supra 02.jpgMK4 Supra 03.jpgMK4 Supra 06.jpg

[Source: BullFinchVisuals]

  • Jake Steed

    Damn I kinda like it…its a bit plain but it still is sexy!

  • Ray

    If Toyota can bring the Supra back the same way Nissan brought back the Nissan Skyline as a GT-R which turned out to be amazing, I’ll gladly sell my Lexus SC400 to get it.

    Rumors have it that we might see a MKV Supra/Supra successor at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show 😉