Paul Teutul’s Hurst Edition Pontiac Trans Am On eBay For $125,000

Paul Teutul’s Hurst Edition Pontiac Trans Am On eBay For $125,000

Paul Teutul’s Hurst Edition Trans Am is already up for sale with only 100-miles on the odometer with a ridiculous price tag of $125,000. Clearly there’s a price to pay for a vehicle that was once in the hands of a celebrity. The Kevin Morgan-designed Trans Am is a reworked 2011 Chevrolet Camaro SS sporting a body transformation and new paint scheme, along with Hurst’s standard conversion modifications.

The extensive list of modifications include an Eibach spring kit and anti-roll kit, 20-inch Forged T6 6061 Hurst Deep Dish wheels on all four corners with Pirelli P-Zero rubber, RTM OE-style Shaker hood, functional air intake Shaker scoop, flanged drop fender extractors, RIM urethane front and rear bumpers, three-piece rear spoiler, new side skirts, Xenon HID quad headlights, new fog lights, front running lights, LED brake and taillights, LED custom turn signals and parking lights, a Hurst shifter, custom sill plates, and hurst decal package. Under the hood is a supercharger for the LS3 V8 while the interior is completely decked out with gold-and-black 1970s-themed interior.

Worth the price tag? We’ll leave that up to you.

[Source: eBay via Autoblog]

GALLERY: 2011 Hurst Edition Pontiac Trans Am – Paul Teutul Collection

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  • Rj Lancaster

    That thing is sweet. Wish I had 125 g’s to but this car. Pauley you got everything..

  • This car is a real beauty.

  • Barneybigrig70

    Too bad there is no such thing as a 2011 Pontiac Trans Am, just a gussied up Chevy Camaro! Pontiac is dead and gone, calling this a Pontiac is heresy. Would you call a Mustang with a nose kit a Cougar? How about a new grill kit for an Impala and call it an Olds 442?

  • TransAm904

    GEE….You take some parts, put them on something it isn’t, and call it something it never was….
    Sounds like another episode of American Chopper.
     Its like putting tits on Vinnie,  WHY?.

  • Modernmusclecar12

    you sir are an idiot

  • Superman

    Why? Why not? Who doesn’t like tits?

  • Philip Marinakos

    Who cares about the conversion, the price tag is a joke and American Chopper is the punch line. Paul’s a turd for thinking he can justify this price tag.
    But, last time they were at Rolling Thunder for Memorial Day…
    the AC team actually charged people for photo ops and $20 per autograph.
    Like they don’t make enough.
    Never seen a single episode after that…

    …not to mention their “Vet’s Bike” failed and had to be picked up by a hauler.
    LMAO…they’re bubble gum.

  • Jose Perez

    Calling Mr Barney A Idiot is to much for him hes to dumb to be called a Idiot I think he dosent Desserve That Word!! TRANS AM an Camaros Have always Been a F Body !!they were the same Car Pretty Much!!With of Course The Firebird always having Alittle more aerodynamics and alittle more Of Style and slightley higher price tag !But pretty much the same car!!