Smart Forvision Concept Rolls to Frankfurt Motor Show on Plastic Wheels

Smart Forvision Concept Rolls to Frankfurt Motor Show on Plastic Wheels

With little in the way of new product, Smart is set to debut yet another concept, this time at the Frankfurt Auto Show. Taking design inspiration from the Smart Forspeed concept that was first shown at the Geneva Auto Show, the Forvision concept is a look at just how efficient the rest of the car can be made in order to get the most out of an electric drivetrain. As a result, the Daimler sub-brand has created a concept that focuses on reducing vehicle weight, while also better managing the effects environmental temperatures have on the cabin.

In terms of reducing weight, the car uses light weight carbon fiber body components as well as the first use of an all-plastic wheel that is, “suitable for high-volume production.” Developed by BASF, Smart claims it weights almost 7 lbs less than a conventional aluminum wheel, while initial durability tests have proven it is up to the task for production use.

In terms of temperature management, the Forvision uses a solar panel roof that can power the car’s HVAC and multimedia controls. Keeping heat outside the car is heat-reflective paint, while inside custom light weight seats use a fleece fabric instead of a venting and heating functions as a natural solution to temperature management. In addition, a heat-reflecting film has been used on the windows, while special heat-reflecting paint has been used on the interior materials to ensure they don’t absorb the sun’s rays.

“With the forvision smart is doing justice to its role as Daimler’s think tank for urban mobility,” says Dr. Annette Winkler, Head of smart. “In conjunction with smart’s revolutionary DNA, we have designed a vehicle that is so unique that we can’t wait to take it out of the research laboratory and onto the roads!”
In total, Smart claims the efficiencies showcased on the forvision can improve a conventional EVs range by up to 20 percent. Look for more on the Smart forvision concept with AutoGuide’s Frankfurt Auto Show coverage starting September 13th.

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