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 |  Sep 05 2011, 11:02 AM


Previously capped at 80 mph, the Texas House of Representatives approved a new transportation bill that will raise speed limits up to 85 mph in select areas and put an end to the night-time speed limit as well. Yee-haw!

Though exciting for driving enthusiasts (or anyone in a hurry), don’t pack your bags for the Lone Star State just yet. Texas engineers and traffic analysts must first make safety assessments before the state can swap for new signs. Only after a review on Interstate highways determining which will have its speed limit raised from 70 to 75 mph does the state review which can increase from 80 to 85 mph. Yes, the process does sound a bit lame but hopefully we will be rewarded for our patience.

  • Jennifer

    Ummm… Not exactly correct. Texas did away with a lower night time speed limit, so now it’s the same as day time speed limits. We don’t have a “no speed limit night time”

  • ThomasB806

    Won’t need the jaws of life anymore, they can just bury the mangled wreckage. I live in Texas and it’s too damned fast period.

  • Good Times

    Texas has 85 already..  since Labor Day 2011 … on I-20 west of Odessa … and along I-10 from Kent to El Paso county line..  amazing how some ‘reporters’ never do research..