Top 10 Cars of the Frankfurt Auto Show

Top 10 Cars of the Frankfurt Auto Show

10. 2012 BMW M5

There’s no denying that the 2012 BMW M5 probably deserves a higher spot on our Frankfurt Auto Show Top 10 list, but here it is anyway. Maybe it’s that we all knew several months ago that it would have a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 and make 562-hp that made its “official” reveal less captivating than it otherwise could have been. Still, don’t let the 10th place spot make you believe we think any less of what is likely to be crowned as the world’s highest performance sedan. After all, the M5 delivers the sort of performance you only expect to see in a concept car. But this is one very real machine.

  • Asif Idtellu

    The navigation buttons are reversed on this one guys. Sheesh.

  • Uncle B

    Monuments to wrong headed thinking in a bankrupted Europe, built to American Dream standards even as Americans admit their own bankruptcy. Asia meanwhile, re-engineers Thorium fueled LFTR reactors origonally of American design, to provide electrical power for Asian electric bullet trains, expected to run Pan-Eurasia, in the new Empire forming there.
    We will burn these photos to disk for our children’s children, to show them “the way we were” before the new Asian Empire , at first only encroached, then finally swallowed our Western society whole.

  • Johann

    looks like a panamera and aston one-77 had sex- and this is what happened. we’ll see if it can live up to it’s aesthetic pedigree.