Tuner Cars of the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show [Gallery]

Tuner Cars of the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show [Gallery]

Unlike American auto shows where where tuners are segregated off into some basement hall, at the Frankfurt Auto Show they’re invited to join in on the action. Sharing hall space with the likes of Land Rover, Lotus and Jaguar, tuners such as Brabus, Mansory and TechArt. Highlights include the new Brabus 800 ‘Rocket’, the TechArt GTStreet RS based on the new GT2RS and of course there’s always the selection of ridiculously modified Mansory machines. Check out all the modified luxury and exotic models in the gallery below.

GALLERY: Tuner Cars of the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show


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  • Ray

    The Brabus 800 rocket is my favorite!
    Even though that spoiler serves a real purpose and not just for looks, I think the Brabus 800 Rocket would look much better without it.